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  1. Anonymous Said,

    Hi, I've been reading your guide and it's been really helpful. But could you possibly add a part about fighting?



  2. AP Said,

    I'm not that good at fighting. Block punches with L2 (LT) and throw punches with the RS - remember that you aim with the RS aswell. Toggling LS from side to side let’s you deak punches. Pull the oponents jersey with LS. Even if you block you'll loose energy from punches that hits your arms so you can't block forever. I try to block and avoid punches with the LS and then I throw punches right after my oppponent has hit my arms or missed. Then I block again, throw a punch or two. Sometimes I just fire away punches right away, spamming the RS.
    You can throw big punches by bringing the RS back and then forward, but you'll open yourself up. Also you can try to bring your opponent down by draging him down.Beware of enforcers who pack a lot of punch. Who you fight with MATTERS.


  3. Matt Said,

    Defense: I've read all your posts, and my defense has improved, but I've found that if I control any player other than the people at the net when in my D-zone, say to go after the puck, my men at the net will leave someone hopelessly unmarked. This means I end up with long periods of pressure, because I can't leave my defenders to do their job, without taking huge risks...


  4. Anonymous Said,

    ^^ Thanks for the fighting tips.

    Another question I have is how do you control the goalie when defending? I see people do it occasionally, fooling around. I've never figured out how to do it though. (Not goalie mode)


  5. SmilinB0B Said,

    To take control of the goalie, hold the left bumper (not the trigger) and press A. For PS3, I would imagine it's, what...L1 + X?

    Here's my question. My created plays aren't showing up in Be A Pro or Be A GM, they only show up in quick play. Do I have to import them somehow or recreate them? That would suck to try to redo them since they are rather precise...


  6. AP Said,

    Matt: That is a problem. I got two options for you (and none of them is 100 % secure).
    1) Try using Tight Point strategy (this will make your CPU controlled players more agressive) and perhaps even Puck side or High Pressure. Then take control of a D and play the passing lanes in the slot.
    2) Use a Winger to put pressure on the opponent when he got the puck at the point and change to controlling a D when the puck is by the boards. Changing player a lot can get messy though.
    I generally alow my opponents some puck controll in my zone. I usually play the colapssing strategy and then I try to cut of the passing lanes in the slot and by the boards, trying to force him making a bad pass or take a shot from the point that you can block. You will loose pressure, especially at the points if you collapse but you won't give away quality scoring chances.


  7. AP Said,

    Matt: And one more thing. Since your CPU-controlled players kind of sucks... when you use a winger to put pressure on a D at the point, attack him from the inside so that he can't move or pass to the centre of the ice.


  8. AP Said,

    Matt... with the inside I mean from the centre - allwoing him to move towards the half boards.


  9. AP Said,

    SmilinBOB: Sorry but I don't know the answer to that question. I've noticed they don't stick when I play BAP. Perhaps, because your just a player and not the coach, you can't use plays? Maybe someone else can answer this question.


  10. Anonymous Said,

    Do you know any other blogs or sites that has such helpful info about NHL 10 just as in this one?


  11. AP Said,

    Only one I know is http://www.operationsports.com/.


  12. Anonymous Said,

    Anything on shot selection? I've been using this little rule lately with great success. No wrist shot outside the hash mark unless I'm playing with a 88 wrist power & up. My average of goal per game when up a full goal using this!!!


  13. AP Said,

    That seems to be a good tactic.


  14. petey Said,

    i wonder how to defend against offensive players, that go around my net.I have troubles checking them because it's very tough to not just go by them. any tips?


  15. Anonymous Said,

    That's funny! I wanted to ask about a "wristshot chart". Something like : you need 90 power for a wrist shot at the top of the circle... 80 for the hash... and so on. You're confirming that the other guy tactic on shot selection is good? 88 for outside the hash (outside the hash would be top of circle I guess)?!? Not alot of player with those stats in the game...


  16. AP Said,

    No I'm not confirming that, but the stats are important - but so is your aim with LS and how close to 12 o'clock you move the RS when you shoot. I like to play vs. online and I havn't and I don't want to statistically try out what stats that are needed from different shot positions.
    I take slapshot from the point, unless I want a rebound and inside the hashmarks I take wrist shots. So as a genereal idea, I think his argument works. But what you want to do is to adopt to the situation. For example, if there's a D screening the goalie, you can score with a wrister outside the hashmarks. But it's kind of pointless to take wristshots without deking the puck out to 7 or 5 o'clock (depending on if your a L or R shooter) first - if you do that and have good stats, you can fire pretty hard shots.


  17. AP Said,

    Petey - don't try to crash into the puck carrier. Position yourself by the post - when the puck carrier comes, move the RS towards him - you will crosscheck him when he gets close enough - or try to poke check the puck away.


  18. Anonymous Said,

    Love the wrist discussion. Just for fun, I experienced wirst shot with Ovechkin in practice mode. I don't know about you AP but I cannot score with any consistency outside the hash. I can do it in a game with someone screening. Pure one on one... I just can't. What about you guys?


  19. Petey Said,

    Thanks for the Tip! Works great! What would be the best way to shoot if I come around the goal? Wrist, slap?


  20. AP Said,

    Pete, Ok - I'll try to make a vid for you and I'll also show that it's possible to score with a wrister outside the hashmarks (even if it won't work most of the time).


  21. Petey Said,

    Two things I found out and I think are useful are direct passes if you hold down RT you can pass directly if you push the left stick into the direction you want to pass. This is very fast! And playing without fights is good because you can use the Y button to press players against the boards without starting a fight every time you press Y. You probably knew all that but it improved my game!


  22. Petey Said,

    Dude, I really need that defense help video... I started playing on the highest difficulty now and man I get crushed... It seems like every shot the cpu takes goes in if they are in the lower middle of the offensive zone. They check me whenever they want and take the puck away like it was nothing. Me, on the other side, cant take the puck by poking, stick lifting and forget about checking as it only works at the boards... The game really pisses me off right now as the cpu is better than every player I played online against.
    So please put up a defensive video on superstar or what it's called.

    Thanks buddy!


  23. Lazy Said,

    Petey: If you come around the goal, go for a wrister 5 hole or try to get over to the other side and aim for the far post.


  24. Petey Said,

    thanks for the video and tips. but what really bothers me right now is defense. Man superstar is just frustrating! they can score from every position with a stupid snapshot...


  25. AP Said,

    Petey: Well I guess superstar is supposed to be hard. If I get the time, I'll try to hook up a recording tool to my ps3 and record a match.


  26. Petey Said,

    videos are much appreciated. thanks alot!


  27. Matt Said,

    Not play related, but trading wise - any tips? I get offered lots of (what appear to me) completely unbalanced trades, but being a non-north american, only have a loose grasp of how trades should go... the trading block thing is totally beyond me. Any tips or anything to help? Thanks!!


  28. Petey Said,

    What I do is checking for potential and age. If you have, e.g. a overall 90 player who is 30+ yrs old, you can't trade him against a overall 90 player who is younger, has potential A or both. So try to trade him against a high 80 player and he will be an overall 90 next season or so.

    Try adding draft picks to players that have lower overalls than the player you want to draft or offer 2 players for one player with higher ratings.

    That's what comes to my mind spontaneously. Hope it helps!


  29. Anonymous Said,

    How do you do a one-timer slapshot?


  30. Anonymous Said,

    oh and how do you win faceoffs so easily?


  31. AP Said,

    One-timer slapshot: Pass it back to the point to a player who is angled right and he will most likely take a slapshot.

    Faceoffs: Every game is different when it comes to latency (the time delay between controller and action on the screen). Because of this you need to feel every game out - some games you need to flick the RS down just before the ref releases the puck, others when the puck has halfway reached the ice. Try to be consistent - if you win a faceoff - remember and repeat how fast you flicked the RS.


  32. Anonymous Said,

    What are your strategies, techniques for entering the zone?. I find myself too often getting hit or poke checked at the blue line. How do you find is the best way to penetrate the zone. One on one move, cut to the middle, manual deke. Would love to see some tips on variety of moves that can be used to gain the zone without losing possesion.


  33. Anonymous Said,

    Oh and that is entering the zone versus a human, not so much against the computer.


  34. Anonymous Said,

    Hey thanks for answering my post, very helpful.

    You make reference to stick dekes when facing poke checks. Could you show some videos of some stick dekes you find most effective versus poke checks.

    Also any video of you entering the zone would be great.

    Keep up the great work.


  35. AP Said,

    If the D is on your right side - deke to the left - so he can't reach the puck.

    The problem with recording an online game is I have to change resolution from 1080p to 480i, as I can only record an analog signal. This makes my screen very blury (it's hard to see the puck)since I like to play with the overhead camera angle. I go nuts when I loose so I don't want to play with that disadvantage. But perhaps I can see if I can hook up an unranked game - but in a way, that works against the purpose of showing how I try to enter the zone against a trap-style defense.


  36. How do you record a whole game and then upload it? My "Instant replay" can only buffer for 30-40 seconds and it says I can only upload 25 seconds clips to EA. How do you solve this?


  37. AP Said,

    I got a little usb-recorder. http://www.ces-show.com/0083/pinnacle/projectors/usb-video-recorder/


  38. Anonymous Said,

    Hi, could you possibly post some videos of some sort about good plays? After some browsing, all I found was NHL 09 plays, and in that all I found was player cycling, which isn't completely helpful.


  39. While playing with a friend in "teamplay online" yestarday I noticed something that raised some questions. We played against a team from Sweden, same country we live in, and the lag was more or less zero. After the game we went for another game and ended up with playing these guys from Sweden again, only this time the lag was very noticable.

    So the question that came to my head was how EA solves the server question when playing online. I can't imagine EA is hosting every game since the would eat lots of server resources. I was thinking one of the players will randomly become server?

    Is this something you can confirm?


  40. AP Said,

    Hej Magnus! I'm just a regular gamer writing a blog. I have no clue how EA handles online games. You seem to know more about this than I do. I would like to know if you or anyone else who reads this finds out.


  41. Anonymous Said,

    Slap-shot one-timer in OTP?
    I could never pull it off, I use default controls btw.


  42. Anonymous Said,

    Could you possibly post some videos of some sort about good plays? After some browsing, all I found was NHL 09 plays, and in that basically all I found was player cycling, which isn't completely helpful because in NHL 10 it does that automatically when you move toward a player.

    Sorry, but you never answered my question.


  43. AP Said,

    I'll see what I can do about plays - I don't spend much time making them but I got a few that I use. Don't know if they're that good though.


  44. Anonymous Said,

    You should post some videos of matches against random or good players online. Just for all the noobs like me to see how a good player plays and how you set up small things like cycling the puck, offensive plays etc.

    I watched your matches but those were all in NHL 09 I was hoping to see some NHL 10 matches but guess not =[


  45. Anonymous Said,

    Hello, i have a problem, what can i do with oponent which skate behind his goal when he lead in match, in Fifa/PES i can use button "X" as pressure, what can i do i NHL, how can i use a pressure my skaters? which button?


  46. AP Said,

    There is no button like the x-button in PES. Change your forecheck strategy to 2-1-2 or 2-3. Let your cpu-players chace him while you cut off hiss passing way.


  47. AP Said,

    And in-game you change the forecheck strategy by pressing the directional button up.


  48. Anonymous Said,

    Any idea why they only allow 50 instant replay video save files? Seems like you'd go through that in half-a-season. NCAA Football 10 has unlimited replay capacity.


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