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It's harder but also easier to score in NHL 10. Harder because the goalies have superhuman reflexes. Easier because the goalies leave more rebounds and (for some reason) have big problems with slow moving pucks along the ice.

Personally, I don't like this shift from EA. Fixing the wrap arounds, curve shots etc is very good, but the superquick moves of the goalies and the impossible saves they make are just a bit too much and unnecessary. Especially since it's harder to connect passes now and the goalies make a pretty good job blocking cross crease passes.

So how do you acutally score? Well you can still score with onetimers and dekes on the rush, it's just harder. The best way to score now is to take wrist shots from the point when you got team mates in the slot who can pick up the rebounds.

Of course if you really outplay your opponent you will still score on onetimers.

When you're alone with the goalie you need to make more of an effort this year. If you used to do the left-right deke over to the back hand shot, try adding one more move.

This is how the deke is done:

1. Bring the RS over to 9 (or 8) o'clock.
2. Move the RS downward i a half circle over to 3 o'clock.
3. Move the RS directly over to 9 (or 8) o'clock.
4. Shoot

My experience playing 20 something matches online is that it's easier to find an opening between the goalies legs this year. I've scored about a third of my goals aiming (some by accident) between the goalies legs. Many times the goalies make horrible misstakes on slow moving pucks moving towards their 5 hole.

Coming in towards the goal in a good angle (that forces the goalie to cover one of the posts) makes scoring easier (if you can get the puck over to the far side post).

If there's alot of players in the slot. Take a slap shot and hope for the best. I score more goals this way than when I'm left alone on the break away.

Again - the five hole is where I score most goals.


Does this work? 

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    Is there a specific strategy combination (e.g. "Crash the Net") to best get these rebounds? I've tried them and can't seem to get my guys to be in good rebound position...it's usually me crashing my own shot.


  2. mitch Said,

    Great post! Some of the strategies from NHL 09 don't carry over to the sequel. However, I have noticed as well that goalies are weak with their 5-hole. Also, I have found a deke that seems to work quite well, especially with a dangler or sniper.


    It's quite easy to pull off if you can get a defender to over commit to you, spin, and then head to the goal.


  3. AP Said,

    Nice Mitch! If you can get through to the slot, it seems you got a sure goal. Last year you wouldn't have needed to deke over to your right hand side before you moved the puck over to the left and took the shot. But this year you pretty much allways need to throw in an extra move.


  4. Anonymous Said,

    Left Handed; Top left wristshot.
    Right Hande;Top right wristshot.


  5. Anonymous Said,

    Can anyone write down the controls for the deke he does in video 4? The CPU does that deke in shootouts all the time, I have no idea how it's done.


  6. AP Said,

    This is how the deke is done:

    1. Bring the RS over to 9 (or 8) o'clock.
    2. Move the RS downward i a half circle over to 3 o'clock.
    3. Move the RS directly over to 9 (or 8) o'clock.
    4. Shoot


  7. AP Said,

    You should also check out the deke guide:

    The only difference is that you have to pull VC (L2) to perform a one handed deke.

    Yeah, and if you push RS - you will perform a fake shot.


  8. Anonymous Said,



  9. Anonymous Said,

    When trying for rebounds, do people let the CPU teammate take the shot, or try to switch to manually control the player that would get the rebound? I try to switch but almost always overskate. How good is the computer at putting in rebounds?


  10. AP Said,

    If the CPU-player is coming crashing towards the goal - let him get to the puck, then manually shoot.


  11. Anonymous Said,

    In the "Onetimer" video with...looks like the Blackhawks, how does that guy get so far ahead of his team and behind the goal line? The rest of his team is at the top of the faceoff circle and blue line, and he's way back behind the goalie ready to receive the pass. I'm trying to draw up a play to set up this kind of one-timer. Any advice?


  12. AP Said,

    I guess it's the result of a turnover. The guy behind net has been left behind from the previous attack.
    To create this type of play I would record the RW (as puck carrier) skating down behind net and then record the C skating to the faceoff circle where he stops for a while (to recieve a pass from the RW which he immediatly passes back) before skating towards the farpost.

    Let me know if you get this to work.


  13. vee Said,

    Thanks a lot for these tips! Managed to get my first victories in Season mode with these :D

    I play the way that I allways control the puck carrier, and it seems that the CPU-teammates are quite helpless at taking the puck in control from rebounds, any tips for that?


  14. SmilinB0B Said,

    @Vee: I have been thinking about this quite a bit lately. If you watch a real game, they don't put in every single rebound. Plus, if you've got your third or fourth line on the ice, their Offensive Awareness is pretty low, so they won't have much chance even if there is a good opportunity. The best thing to do is to keep trying, especially when you have your best offense players on the ice. One other things is that it depends on the goalie. A really high-rated goalie won't leave a lot of fat rebounds.


  15. Anonymous Said,

    I have been playing with my friends alot lately and found that the quick pass right in front of the goalie with an upper deck shot (usually to stick side of goalie) is the best approach. I went from usually 1 or 2 goal games to consistantly putting up 6 or 7 goals a game. I use crash the net and try and get a 2 on 1. lots of poke checks at center ice will set you up nicely, also for penalty and shoot outs comming from the side and then flipping around and shooting backwards is almost 100% with players like crosby and very high with even average shooters. but i still love the long slap and pray method for those out of nowhere goals :)

    Go Pittsburgh!!! hooah


  16. Anonymous Said,

    Also... make sure wen your scoring line is out that u set ur offense to agressive. your players will fight to the net harder and increase your chances. And turn up the skill level and just play against the AI by yourself and watch how the computer scores. I dont care if you have the Ducks or the Canucks.... the puck moves faster than your goalie. keep it movin and get those shots on goal. Burry that in there nice and deep like lol.


  17. Marrek Said,

    My two best moves are this:

    with a left-hand shot, come in straight against the goaltender, pull the stick back to the left, no just a left deke, but so the puck is in a position to be wrist-shot(ed) and slightly behind the shooter, then, when just out of stick-range of the goalie, pull the stick to the top right position and back-hand it into the net. timing is everything. i hit the post or get poke-checked by the goalie more often than he actually makes a clean stop against the move.

    the other move is to come from an angle, a wide angle, almost parallel with the goal-line, and protect the puck by pressing A (or X depending on the game system), you can get by the D-man this way, and its makes the goalie move, then as you come across the goal-mouth, release the A button and the player will pull the puck back in, and then just shoot into the empty net. no move is actually required with the left-stick, its all just protecting the puck, and releasing A at the right time and place.

    but as they said before, the best way to score is shoot low and bury rebounds. they dont ask how pretty, just how many. good luck


  18. Anonymous Said,

    its a shity game sometimes i am wining games that i was not even suppose to win and other times when i am out play the other guys i loose... or i win like 20 games in a row and all the sudden i loose like 4 and it seems like i cant play defense and the other guy is so much better than me on defense all the poke checks r going for him and this is what i hate the game the most when he (online games) is landing like every hit and guys act like they r nplaying boys a gainst men, i totaly thing the computer makes me loose the some games when playing online


  19. AP Said,

    I agree. I'm so sick of the game now after loosing 8 games in a row. I've allways had between 900 and 1100 ranking points but now I loose all the time and have dropped down to 600 points which I havn't had since I bought NHL 10. Don't want to write anymore post since it seems I don't know what the fuck I'm doing.


  20. Anonymous Said,

    Thanks for the tips! The way I usually score is to take a slapper at the top-right.I'm a defenceman and I always fool the goalie with that!


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